Backpacking Food – Breakfast Idea’s

One of the biggest and most asked questions about backpacking is what is the best food to bring? And it is in fact a good question, as weight is always a consideration in regards to backpacking, packing the correct food becomes imperative. I was recently on a trip where one of my companions packed a bunch of canned food! Never do that, ten miles into the trip we had to distribute out his packs weight among the others. Believe me when we got back to our hotel, Coral Hills Best Western we had some talking to of this guy.

So I’m going to show you our few ideas for breakfast while backpacking in addition to having the processed foods like pop tarts or the oatmeal, cookies that you can get.

Coral Hills backpacking oatmealPhoto Credit: S Diddy

The other classics are beagles and instant oatmeal, they’re always good for warm ones, I like these little freeze rag coffee packets, very easy to use, simple to make. And the other one that I want to show you today is something that I like to do for a hot breakfast in the morning and when oatmeal gets too boring for the day or whatever.

Because what you do is you take some minute rice, some instant rice and you put them in one of this heavy duty Ziploc bags and then with the rice, what you do is you just put in a spoonful of some brown sugar and then mixed in a couple of spoonfuls of powdered milk and the powdered milk you can buy it in the bulk section in your grocery store so you can hover much you want of it and then when you’re mixing that in here you can add, you know, have as much or little you want depending on the creaminess of the mixture and then you can add in some cinnamon just for taste, you can then have it much you want.

Now what you have is a good breakfast mixture of instant rice, powdered milk, brown sugar and cinnamon and then what you do is you boil up some water and you kind of fill it to the top so it’s kind of level at the top of rice here, seal it up, let it sit for 7 or 8 minutes and you have a nice hot breakfast.

So that’s it, that’s one of the techniques I use to pack a light and easy but energy fortified food for your backpacking excursions.